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Do you take walk-ins?

Appointments are highly recommended as we don’t always have the space available for walk-in guests. We invite you to call us at 207-899-3550 to book your appointment, or to ask any questions. Please arrive 2-3 minutes prior to your reservation time.

How long does the haircut take?

On average the majority of haircuts take 15-30 minutes. Factors that affect the service time include, how thick the hair is, what they are getting done for a haircut, the wiliness to sit for the haircut. Of course if there is a shampoo or blow-dry added that will add more time. 

Can I request a specific stylist?

Yes, of course you are more than welcome to schedule your appointment with your favorite stylist. If you are unsure of a name our software keeps track for us, just ask!

What ages do you do?

The salon is suitable for children ages 0 - 18. The car chairs are great for kids 50lbs & under, once they have graduated from those, they will use our medium and adult chair for the rest of the years to come. 

Do you do hair coloring?

Although we do not offer color hair, we do have a couple fun temporary add on's. We offer washable colored hair spray, as well as a glitter spray. 

My child has lice, what do I do?

Unfortunately under our state license we are not allowed to treat or perform any services if your child has head-lice. But we do have some great recommendations for you.....


Treat it at home with our Fairy Tales Lice Goodbye & Terminator Comb 

Hire a professional... 

Nits End

640 Brighton Ave Portland, ME

Call (855) 648-7363

How can we donate hair?

All of our stylists are trained to prep and cut hair for a donation. The hair does have to be clean, please consider that when booking the appointment. You will leave with the hair banded, bagged, and ready to go. All you will need to do is mail it!

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Locks of Love: 10 inch minimum

Wigs for Kids: 12 inch minimum

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