After the birth of my son life became even more precious. Looking around my home I found countless products that were filled with chemicals and toxins that I was using and putting on our skin. I also became aware that those products were being flushed out into the world when we were done. Since then, my awareness in mindful, natural self-care has taken leaps and bounds, and so can your awareness. I re-booted with a clean slate in my home by making or adding natural products to my daily routine.

My love of gardening and interests in native cultures who have used plants, herbs and spices for centuries for countless remedies worked it’s way not only into my cooking but, made it’s way into my bath as well. We bathed every day in the tub and it was not unusual to find ingredients in our bath that were from my kitchen shelves like, thyme, black pepper, salt, cinnamon and more. My first product, an all natural Eucalyptus Soother bath fizzie. 

Packed with epsom salts, essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus as well as black pepper, the Eucalyptus Soother bath fizz was created to help soothe my then infant son. This effervescent product opened up his stuffy head and chest. Needless to say, it worked and helped and I felt good about my choice in using an eco-friendly, mindful product. Since this time I truly opened my eyes to the power of plants and the many remedies that Nature, flowers, plants and herbs provide. I do my best in my daily life to be mindful of the products I use. 

Living a mindful life means healthy and honoring your body and spirit and we must not forget the power of laughter and happiness to be our whole selves. Remind yourself daily to remember the silliness that a child naturally exudes, the laughter the non-sensical humor, imagination that made them and us laugh and dream. Capture that humor again and never forget the power of wit and a smile too. Miss Moonmaker holds this thought dear in her latest NEW PRODUCTS in her “Salve-ation” line of all-natural salves and her NEW “Sassy Scents” twisted humor bath fizzies. Who says all-natural can’t be fun!? 

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