• ​Be sure to pre-book your reservation. Appointments are highly recommended as we don’t always have the space available for walk-in guests.Please let us know all services you would like, (ie- add-ons like shampoo, blow-dry, tinsel, etc...)

  • Clean, brushed hair will always make for the most efficient service. If your child's hair is tangled or has anything in it, we do not mind detangling it hair for you....but we find when they are little, they might not like sitting in the chair longer than they have to. So it is best done at home before their appointment. (We include free 15 min of detangling before a service but after that we charge a fee.) If you would like, for children 6 & up a shampoo can be added to any service.

  • Children do best at different times of day. We have found that little ones (5 and under), do best first thing in the morning.

  • Bringing snacks, small toys, and downloaded videos, are all often helpful.

  • If it is your first time at the salon, you are more than welcome to arrive a little early so your child has time to warm up to the environment. 

  • Have a idea of what you would like for the haircut. Finding a photo of the hairstyle you are looking for is very helpful to the stylists. We do have photos books here anyone is welcome to look at. (Be sure you have photo ready before the time of your appointment).


240 US Route 1 Falmouth, ME 04105