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Protect your little one's delicate scalp with the Bean-b-Clean Brush. Use this revolutionary brush to gently massage your baby's scalp for preventing flakes and crustiness that is associated with Cradle Cap (seborrheic dermatitis).


  • Bean-b-Clean is a revolutionary brush that helps to keep your little one's scalp clean and healthy
  • Reusable brush gently massages the scalp to help fight Cradle Cap (seborrheic dermatitis), a common problem that afflicts many babies
  • Highly-effective, soft, and soothing way to prevent and/or rid your child of flaky skin, and thick, yellowish or brownish, oily, scaly, or crusty patches on the scalp
  • Massaging action also helps to relax little ones at bath time
  • Lightweight and durable design is easy to use, clean, and store
  • Made in USA


Bean-b-Clean® Cradle Cap Brush

    Curbside Pick-Up Available
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