When we say this is a family business, we mean it. Everyone participates (most of the time without bribery). Seriously, we all enjoy making the business grow. When we started Zach’s, we never wanted our kids to feel so pressured by adult work that they didn’t have time to be young. So our goal was to keep their kid-lives normal and our business-life fun. Joy and I connect the experiences of running a company to whatever they may be learning in school. The kids share opinions and ideas about new products and promotions. Together we make a habit of finding new ways to support charities through our proceeds. And of course, it’s always an event when we test new products — we try all Zach’s Wax products on our own heads before we ask you to buy them.

It was a crazy couple of years getting everything off the ground. But now it’s all part of our regular (well, maybe not so regular) family life. And the encouragement from you, which we get every time you try and love one of our products, makes our efforts especially worthwhile.

So thanks for being a part of Zach’s Wax. As our customers and salon partners multiply, our family is committed to providing your hair with more care and more flair — products that are fun to use and do what they say they’re going to do. We hope you’ll love to use them all.

Eric Plahn – Zach’s Wax Founder