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My son was born with a head of hair and is now two and has had many visits to trimmings for haircuts. He's never been a huge fan of getting his haircut, but the stylists are patient, calm, and amazing! He always ends up with a great cut even when he's moving around and rather upset about parting with his hair. The prices and hours are great and they do a great job with challenging clients! I've apologize for the challenge and they are always sweet and kind & act as though it's not a problem. The location is great with Starbucks around the corner for a grown up treat & there's a cute little toy store near by for the kids which is an added bonus!

Lexie Triggiani


​Excellent place to get kids haircuts! Super nice and friendly stylists that have infinite patience for kids who are not 100% on board with getting a haircut, fun little chairs shaped like vehicles for the kids to sit in and reasonable prices! I will not take my kids anywhere else!

Joe Friant


Took my daughter today for her first haircut! What a great place! Employees were so kind!!! She loved it!

Carolyn Little


We had a great experience at Trimmings. My son loved all of the toys in the waiting area, loved the car he sat in for his cut, and though he fussed and cried a bit, the stylist was quick and surprisingly precise for my squirmy toddler! He looks adorable. Thank you!

Angela Nicole


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